From our workshop to you, when you see the icons below you'll know what your jewelry is made of.

Swarovski ® Branded Crystals

Immensely popular for their elegant and classy sparkle, we only use Swarovski Branded Crystals, direct from Austria. What makes these crystals so unique is the patented process used to cut them. Once we receive the raw crystals, we create our own unique designs with them, and incorporate them into our pieces.

Care instructions: Swarovski Branded Crystals often have a reflective coating on the back of the piece to enhance the sparkle and incite opaqueness, which is sensitive to water, chlorine, and strong perfumes.

Murano Glass

We partner with Italian artists that make each piece of Murano glass the old fashion way, by hand, with an acetylene torch. Murano Glass is distinguished from other glass by the texture of the sand used to make it, as well as the ancient Italian technique used to sculpt it. The sand used to make the glass batons that eventually become stunning, one of a kind fashion accessories, can only be found on the islands of Murano (Italy), and the technique used to fashion the glass takes years to master.

The artists we work with have decades of experience, certified by their ancestral crests from the island of Murano!

Care instructions: Handle with care, Murano is made from glass!

Semi-Precious Stones

Ancient Indian monks believed that there are 7 centers of healing and vitality in our bodies from which energy flows, called “Chakras”. The 30 plus semi-precious stones used in our jewelry add energy and vitality to them, enhancing the seven Chakra centers in our bodies. From Agate to Moonstone, each one of our semi-precious pieces comes with a blend of fashion and spirituality.

Care instructions: Avoid high impact to hard surfaces

925 Silver

Our pieces marked with the “925” logo in the description are made with silver of the highest quality, also known as “925 Silver” or “Sterling Silver”. This luxury standard silver is made from 92.5% pure silver, which is the optimal silver content to fashion jewelry out of. It does not tarnish, and should it darken over the years, it can always be buffed back to its original luster.

Care instructions: If the silver darkens over time, buff with ¼ cup baking soda and water mix, applied with a sponge.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a superior metal when it comes to fashion accessories. Unlike plated metals, Stainless steel does not tarnish, is durable, and possesses a beautiful sheen. All of our non-silver fashion accessories are made with stainless steel links, to ensure high quality, longevity, and of course, a beautiful look.

Care Instructions: If the metal darkens over time, buff with ¼ cup baking soda and water mix, applied with a sponge.

Plated Metals

When you’re looking for an accessory and fashion is the only criteria, plated metals are an inexpensive and fun choice. With proper care these metals can last for many years, however exposing them to water, perfume, and even high skin acidity can tarnish them quickly.

Care instructions: Keep away from water, perfume, and high skin acidity. Cannot be restored once tarnished.

Genuine Leather

Our genuine and supple leather bands offer a unique and sexy twist to jewelry. With a wide range of gorgeous colors, these leather accents lend a seductive and fashion forward look to our pieces.

Care instructions: Limit exposure to water (dulls natural oils found in leather).